Humanity's Tests

[sex, pregnancy, stuffing, extreme weight gain]

When aliens test humanity, two towns become their playthings. One will face a population boom; the other will grow in a whole different way.

This story takes the Humanity's Tests series much further and deeper. You don't need to have read any of it before because it has all you need:

  • It Just Makes Sense (Director’s Cut) - it’s just like a woman’s belly - it’s bigger and therefore better, with 30% more content,
  • Making More Sense - a sequel to IJMS, showing what sexy adventures Graham and Gwen are up to a few years later,
  • The Second Test (Director’s Cut) - the full original story is here, along with four bonus chapters (with about 3,000 extra words) to explore Peter’s new world even more. Every “half-chapter” is a new edition - a scene or two adding some extra sexiness to the story,
  • Support Crew - telling the story of what happens to Peter’s town once all the women become immobile,
  • The Students’ Tests - answering the question: what would happen if someone noticed all this weirdness going on?
  • A Chance Encounter of the Third Kind - filling in the world a little more and hinting that, just maybe, these aliens aren’t done with humanity just yet…

[Over 33,000 words long]

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