Secret Realm Series

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Enjoy my high fantasy series, gathered into a single volume. This collection includes 12 stories, all set in the same magical world, as seen on my DeviantArt account. These stories have been revised, enhanced and illustrated.

Also discover two original and exclusive tales:

The Secretive Families - a man goes on a quest for vengeance - one he isn't expecting to survive. Not only does he succeed, but a small, isolated farming commune takes him in. How will the women of the commune show their gratitude? [pregnancy, sex, lactation]

Secret Work - Amarille is a magical researcher given an impossible problem to solve. Will she make progress... or will the magic contained in a crystal change her entire team? [extreme weight gain, stuffing]

The series contains:

  • female weight gain - realistic amounts and unrealistic amounts
  • female belly stuffing
  • pregnancy
  • breeding
  • lactation
  • lesbian sex
  • hetero sex
  • some violence typical of the fantasy genre. The violence and sex never occur at the same time, though. All the lovemaking is consensual.

Length: +63,000 words (over 11,000 words longer than what's available on DeviantArt)

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