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Writing erotica well

Do you want to save money on commissions?

Do you dream of writing or illustrating erotica?

Maybe even getting paid for it?

Building your audience, taking payment and creating quality content - it can be a challenge. That’s why it makes sense to do it right.

Writing One Handed is your guide to the fun, profitable and sexy entertainment. Written by the prolific and profitable crudeatoms, you will learn how to create content others are willing to pay for.

And if you’re a hobbyist looking to sharpen your craft, it’s perfect for you too.

This volume contains:

  • 19 full length articles, full of proven ways to improve your creations,
  • 19 mini-articles, with different takes on the topics,
  • 5 exclusive appendices, covering topics like:
  • thousands of ways to make your characters feel unique, fresh and fun to write about,
  • ways to take payment while protecting your privacy online,
  • how to enrich your writing without boring people,
  • where to go to create realistic characters,
  • 7 business models you can use and combine, with tips on how to make each work.

With the right skills, you can save or earn money - so invest in yourself today. 

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