Who Fattened Angelina Southland?

Noah Sharp is - in his words - Floraville’s best private investigator. He’s worked weird cases before, but nothing has prepared him for this.

Local reality TV star Angelina Southland has gotten fat - really fat. And she’s not slowing down.

She doesn’t want to lose weight and this surprises her. She wants to know why… and believes Noah is the man for the job. Is he, though? Can he solve the case of her sudden lust for food?

Written vaguely in the hardboiled detective genre, this “murder mystery” (without the murder) story contains:

  • Female weight gain - starting off slow, then ending beyond immobility,
  • Belly stuffing and overeating,
  • Romance, kinky stuff and implied sex scenes,
  • Plenty of women getting in on the fun,
  • A genuine mystery to exercise your brain.

Length: +15,000 words

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