Crude Collection - Jan2024

Enjoy this assortment of scintillating erotica.

  • Racy Relations (pregnancy, weight gain, stuffing) - two women have been spreading the good news of the Human Empire to distant planets. Neither will come back unchanged.
  • Trying to Rebound (eight gain, stuffing) - a woman breaks up with her boyfriend after learning he's a feeder. But was that the right choice?
  • The Culinary Center (extreme weight gain, stuffing, gender neutral PoV) - a city dedicates its heart to fine food. It will never be the same - or as slim - again.
  • Compromise (pregnancy, sex) - a man's new wife is a breeder, wanting to fill their house with kids. He's happier with having just two. How will they compromise on this?
  • The Hotseat (pregnancy, sex) - it's the greatest gameshow around! Who knows the most trivia? Who'll impregnant the cumdump? Tune in to find out!

Plus a few surprises.

Length: +10,000 words

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